Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When is he gonna cry for trent??? C'mon TO! WHERE IS THE PASSION!!!??


  1. He got burned the first time he did it. Also it's kind of played out so he's thinking up something special for Trenty boy.
    You just wait. It's going to be good and full of passion...wait that sounded wrong.

  2. First off the best part of that is the ending. He is a bitch.

    Also like I have said before, he will destroy that team. The guy is a cancer. He is the HVI. I mean he complained and screamed at very good, established QB's, what the hell do you think he is gonna do to trent? Yea he is gonna make trent hate him, and that is gonna lead to less trust(aka targets) in TO, then that will lead to more TO bullshit. This is one athlete I cannot wait to retire, or get a terrible injury.