Friday, August 28, 2009

Here's your breakfast son.... With a side of Acid.

So as kids we all watched some pretty cool cartoons right?

Ghost Busters
G.I. Joe
Disney Movies of course and....
Bobby's World (yeah! Bobby's World was FRESH!)

As a kid my mother worked in a video store so i had access to watch any cartoons my little heart desired. Naturally, being a twisted little man, i selected some (should be) classics such as these below (trust me. take 5 minutes and watch some bits of these):

1. Droopy

I enjoyed Droopy so much he made me forget about the fact that i didn't have a real dog. Droopy the dog is my inspiration for feeling like a completely depressed loser some days. THANKS DROOPY! and THANKS MOM!

2. The Fantasic Adventures of Unico.

Yes i watched this film in its entirety constantly. I beg you to please watch it before allowing your kids to be totally frightened by the final quarter of this film. One of the greatest films ever made.

3. Super Ted

Spotty man? Cosmic Dust? Magic Cloud? A frikkin bear that rips off his soft cuddly fur to reveal a super hero costume with.....MORE SOFT CUDDLY FUR UNDERNEATH IT!! What?

Thanks for wasting some time with me. Cartoon nowadays just don't get it. We don't want to learn when we watch cartoons as kids!!! We want to be influenced to drink and do drugs.


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  1. I just seriosuly spent 4 minutes of my life watching Unico.I am gonna kill you, or kill myself.

    Seriously though you forgot(or not) some of the best cartoons a childhood ever saw:

    Inspector Gadget - Really everyone wanted Penny and Brain to be there best friend. I wanted a helicopter to come out of my noggin as well.

    Duck Tales - Tell me you didn't want to swim in a pool of money? Heck I still do!!! I am pretty sure my financial habits are based on Uncle Scrooge. Also what type of animal are all the people who aren't ducks? They look like some sort of pig goat cross.

    Tale Spin - Please try and tell you you dont wanna surf behind a plane. I dare you.

    Some honarable mentions, Chip N' Dale Resuce Rangers, Eureeka's Castle, The Ren & Stimpy Show, Pinky and the Brain, David the Gnome, and various Looney Tunes (roadrunner, foghorn leghorn, and so on).

    Sesame Street was pretty legit too. I can remember having chicken pox once and lice another time(yea I was the dirty kid) and spent the day watching Sesame Street, Mr.Rogers, and shit. "Three bats ah ah ah ah" My man was Oscar the grouch. I hear he isn't on much these days. Replaced by Elmo. Seriously though how you gonna replace Oscar, Big Bird, and Snufalufagous with the likes of Elmo, Zoe, and other queers.

    What a nice trip down memory lane.